Ginger Spa

Your body needs the care it deserves, in order to be active and glowing. On your visit to Blue Ginger Spa Resorts, we offer you a spa experience that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Make it a point to give yourself the pampering you’ve been craving for, with spa treatment that will not only help remove toxins from your body, but give you a glow like never before.

The Ginger Spa at our resort offers spa treatments and specialized therapies in hydrotherapy, solar therapies, Massages, stone therapy with experienced professionals that guarantee rejuvenation. This spa resort also has a large swimming pools and a relaxation lounge.


  • Spa Massage.

    The spa massage involves rubbing and manipulating the muscles to give you a relaxing experience. Massage helps in relieving tension from your body, and helps you in maintaining youthfulness.

  • Spa Face Treatments.

    A glowing face is anyone’s dream, and spa face treatment is the way to go. The face treatment do not just give your face the glow, but induces deep relaxation.

  • Specialised Face Treatments.

    We offer a varied range of specialised face treatments for healthy and beautiful skin.

  • Treatment for Couples.

    Treatment for couples involve therapies for relaxation.

  • Rejuvenating Body Therapies.

    Give yourself a boost with rejuvenating body therapies that will keep you active and healthier for a long time.

  • Hair and Scalp

    Whether you are struggling with hair and scalp problems, or you want to have some time of deep relaxation and pampering, the hair and scalp spa treatment will provide you what you are hoping for.

  • Other traditional Oriental Treatments

    Feel rejuvenated from head to toe, with various traditional oriental treatments offered by Blue Ginger Spa Resorts.

  • Beauty Treatments

    Make use of the beauty treatments at Ginger Spa, and leave the spa looking more fresh and beautiful.